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Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business!
Attend Lou Brown’s Massive Passive Income
Live Training May 16-19, 2024 in Atlanta


 Discover How to Add Tens-of-Thousands to Your Bottom Line, Simplify Your Business, and Attract High-Quality Tenants

Unlock the Secrets to Skyrocketing Profits and Effortlessly Attract High-Paying Tenants and Buyers!

Master Proven Strategies to Maximize Earnings, Transform Your Portfolio, and Elevate Your Real Estate Success


Hey there my friend! 

It’s Lou Brown, and I’ve got a question for you: 

Are you tired of dealing with unmotivated tenants, struggling to sell properties, and having difficulty maximizing your rental income? 

I’ve been there, and I know how it feels to be bogged down by these issues.

That’s why I’ve spent years developing proven strategies, ideas, and techniques that have transformed my rental properties into a streamlined, profitable, and hassle-free enterprise.

Get ready to join me at this year’s Massive Passive Income live training and networking event in Atlanta from May 16-19, 2024! 

This exclusive 4-day program will teach you my patented and foolproof system for screening tenants and buyers, maximizing your cash flow, and selling properties faster and more profitably than ever before.

During this life-changing event, you’ll learn about my Street Smart Work for Equity Program, which will have your tenants improving your property without you lifting a finger! 

Discover my Rapid Mortgage Payoff Program, and watch your properties get paid off years in advance. I’ll also show you how to take advantage of the 1031 exchange to pay no taxes and increase your wealth.

Not only will you learn these game-changing strategies, but I’ll also teach you the tactics and simple words to get buyers and tenants off the “maybe” fence and into your vacant home. 

You’ll learn how to make a property attractive enough to sell at lightning speed and discover my hot new “Work for Equity” system to sell houses needing work without lifting a finger.

At the Massive Passive Income event, you’ll network with like-minded real estate investors and landlords in an intimate, limited-seating environment. 

You’ll receive personalized attention and expert guidance, walking away with a wealth of knowledge and tools that will transform your real estate investments into a streamlined, profitable, and stress-free enterprise.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the true potential of your rental properties – secure your spot today and revolutionize the way you manage and profit from your real estate investments!

By attending Massive Passive Income, you’ll experience a wealth of benefits that will revolutionize your real estate investments and take your business to new heights. 

Here’s just a taste of what you can expect:

Boost your income:
Learn how to add $2,000 to $3,000 to every deal and uncover 25 hidden profit centers that will transform your rental properties into a goldmine.

Simplify property management:
With my tried-and-tested strategies, you’ll save time and effort by streamlining your tenant and buyer screening process, eliminating management headaches, and automating key tasks.

Attract better tenants and buyers:
Discover how to magnetically attract reliable, motivated tenants and buyers who will gladly pay more for your properties.

Optimize your property portfolio:
Gain insights into which properties to keep, which to sell, and how to maximize your cash flow for faster, safer wealth accumulation.

Overcome common real estate challenges:
Learn how to navigate the evolving market, deal with problem tenants, and minimize vacancies with my proven “Anti-Landlording” method.

Access invaluable resources:
Receive the “Anti-Landlording” system manual, paperwork, contracts, and related software to make implementing these strategies a breeze.

Network with like-minded investors:
Forge lasting connections with fellow landlords and real estate investors in an intimate, limited-seating environment.

Don’t wait any longer to unlock the full potential of your rental properties. 

Join me at the Massive Passive Income event and experience the benefits of a streamlined, profitable, and stress-free real estate investment business! 

Secure your spot now and start reaping the rewards!


Starting using my “Anti-Landlord” Method to Break Free from Marketing Staleness

Are you tired of struggling to fill vacancies or finding quality tenants who pay on time?  Do you feel like you’re competing with everyone else and not making the progress you want? 

It’s time for a change – introducing the Anti-Landlord Program! This program focuses on helping you identify and attract the right kind of tenants – those who are reliable, responsible, and ready to rent or buy your property. 

We’ll teach you the best-kept marketing secrets to make tenant buyers beg for your property, eliminating the need to chase after uninterested or unqualified prospects.

In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. 

Many investors fall into the trap of “marketing staleness” – attending the same meetings, hearing the same speakers, and reading the same publications. 

This makes everyone’s approach very similar, and to succeed, you need to be different.

Our Street Smart Massive Passive Income training will show you how to think outside the box and bring new, proven systems into your business. 

By implementing these strategies, you’ll be able to talk only to those tenant buyers and retail buyers who genuinely want to do business with you, boosting your success and confidence.

Imagine buying more properties every month, knowing that you have effective systems in place to sell or rent them quickly. This is the key to unlocking the massive passive income you deserve – what we call “mailbox money.” 

With our training, you can set up an automated system that brings in large checks from your tenants every month without even leaving your house.

Don’t miss this life-changing event that will equip you with the tools and techniques to stand out and succeed in the real estate market. Make the decision to transform your business today!

Discover profit-boosting strategies, insider tips, and proven techniques to up your real estate game!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

Unleash game-changing strategies for tenant management, property sales, and wealth-building! Revolutionize your business by learning how to:

  • Screen tenants and buyers with a patented, foolproof system
  • Eliminate dealings with unmotivated tenants and buyers
  • Make properties sell themselves effortlessly
  • Get quick commitments from buyers and renters
  • Utilize Work For Equity Program: tenants improve properties while you relax
  • Pay off properties years in advance with the Rapid Mortgage Payoff Program
  • Pay no taxes using 1031 Your Way to Wealth strategy

Boost cash flow, maximize deals, and save time and money! Enhance your profits and cash flow by learning how to:

  • Convince buyers and tenants to commit quickly
  • Get maximum non-refundable down payments
  • Speed up and profit from property flips using automation
  • Add $2,000-$3,000 to every deal with five simple methods
  • Make four properties feel like five, free and clear
  • Identify wealth seeds to keep or sell for fast cash
  • Focus on essential repairs to maximize ROI

Avoid pitfalls, conquer fears, and attract the right prospects for more peace of mind and success!  Take control and master the market by learning how to:

  • Prevent lengthy foreclosure processes on owner-financing deals
  • Paper train tenants with a patented “signing ceremony” role play
  • Keep closings surprise-free and in control
  • Navigate Section 8 rentals: good, bad, ugly, and latest
  • Eliminate hidden fees on closing statements for higher profits
  • Overcome property fears and escape the rat race
  • Capitalize on the Latino market: challenges and opportunities
  • Identify problem properties before making a costly mistake
  • Craft effective ads to attract ideal prospects

Streamline processes, leverage legal hacks, and embrace wealth-building strategies for a more prosperous property business! Uncover expert techniques and problem-solving secrets to:

  • Hire the right property manager and real estate agent
  • Close on your terms and skip attending closings
  • Get paid even when tenant buyers don’t move in
  • Buy bad tenants out of your property
  • Shorten eviction processes legally and avoid eviction court
  • Find 11 hidden profit centers in standard purchase and sale agreements
  • Implement a proven wealth strategy for faster, safer business success

Master the skills for AVOIDING the biggest nightmares and challenges of property ownership!

Fix this and you may just get super motivated about owning more property ASAP!


  • Prevent dealing with bad tenants and lengthy eviction processes
  • Eliminate struggles with uncooperative or unmotivated tenants and buyers
  • Avoid wasting time and money on non-essential repairs and property maintenance
  • Overcome inefficient screening processes leading to problematic tenants and buyers
  • End stressful and time-consuming property management tasks


  • Fix inadequate cash flow and profitability with better strategies and techniques
  • Stop making costly mistakes in property selection and investment
  • Avoid unnecessarily paying taxes by utilizing wealth-building opportunities like 1031 exchanges
  • Overcome challenges in the closing process and hidden fees in real estate transactions
  • Master effective marketing strategies to attract the right prospects for your properties


  • Eliminate limited knowledge of legal hacks and wealth strategies to protect and grow investments
  • Adapt to changing market dynamics, such as the burgeoning Latino market or Section 8 rentals
  • Create passive income streams that lead to financial freedom and reduced stress in landlording
  • Overcome fear of property ownership and boost confidence in decision-making for a thriving real estate portfolio

Apply what you learn at this event to enjoy a significant boost in your cash flow and overall profitability – that can accelerate your long-term wealth plan.

Pave the way for a more secure future, while time and cost savings from streamlined management create opportunities for further, faster growth. 

Ultimately, you can expect to experience a more fulfilling and stress-free role as a landlord, fostering wonderful tenant relationships, and a thriving house business.


Hear what those who attended have to say:

“This is My THIRD Time Attending and I Plan to Come Every Year”

“Lou’s System is Like NO Other – He’s The Best and Gives You Everything You Need”

“Lou Is the Only One Who’ll Give You the Answers You Need”

More results reported by attendees:

Unlock thousands extra from each property or tenant!

“Since I used your lease agreement with the special clause requiring additional rent for unapproved residents I have collected an additional $2,000 in rent during the year from this one tenant. He has 2 months left on his lease and I don’t foresee his ‘guests’ moving out soon.”
– Rose Marie Wallace – Jacksonville, FL

Unrivaled comprehensive training with a huge ROI!

“I have been in the real estate business for 13 years and have attended many seminars. None were as comprehensive as yours. The value I received for my money was excellent. In most events, at least some attendees sleep at some point, but not yours. They were hanging on your every word.”
– Stephen Farrar – Atlanta, GA

Invest thousands and 4 days to make millions?

“I wasn’t sure about attending your Boot Camp, but I’m sure glad I did! The Boot Camp really ties everything together and gave me a plan to work and boy does it work! It almost seems like cheating – taking your 29 years of knowledge and experience for just a few thousand dollars. You’ve taught me how to become wealthy in such a short period of time! Thanks millions because that’s what you’ve made me.”
– Tim Herndon – Tampa, FL

How Jeff made $1 million+ and saved $300k attending this event!

“I attended Lou’s Massive Passive Income course and learned about his Work For Equity program… it saved us $300k in renovation costs just over this past year (15 houses at $20k each our cost… the retail cost would have been $40k each) made us an average of $67k per house in equity… a total of $1 million++. We now routinely get an average of $3k per property in down payment, but if you include the work we did not do it’s more like $23k down… If you want these kinds of results you’ve got to go to MPI. There is no across the street from Lou Brown… he has made us millions in equity. No other real estate guru is even close… Do everything he says and buy everything he sells. Best investment I ever made!!!”
— Jeff Weiller – CT


Get Exclusive “Yeah Baby!” Enrollment Bonuses to Boost Your Success!


To make this opportunity even more irresistible, I’ve put together an exceptional package of valuable bonuses that will keep you motivated and on track long after the training. 

These exclusive resources are designed to help you maximize your profits and simplify your enhanced real estate journey:

Bonus #1
101 Street Smart Ways to Make $500 More on Any Real Estate Transaction
(Value: $995)
Discover over 101 Profit Centers to instantly boost your profits on any deal. Implement these strategies, and you’ll easily cover the cost of the event.

Bonus #2
Street Smart Automated Excel Calculators
(Value: $5,000)
Say goodbye to manual calculations! These automated calculators handle everything from property appreciation and rent prorations to 1031 exchanges and more. Plus, get newly updated auto-fill forms for rental properties, lease options, and owner financing agreements.

Bonus #3
Street Smart Investor Briefcase
(Value: $3,000.00)
This exclusive collection of auto-fill forms includes the most essential documents for real estate investors. Handpicked by me, these forms ensure you’re always prepared in the field.

Bonus #4
Find the Form Fast Master Directory
(Value: $995)
Easily locate and access all my forms with this convenient master directory. With just a click, the form you need will be ready to use.

Bonus #5
Repeat in the future and save thousands!
Attend this event again in the future for just $500. That’s right, you’ll never pay the full price again for this life-changing training.


You’ll receive over $13,284 worth of FREE bonuses, in addition to the invaluable knowledge and strategies you’ll gain!


Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to supercharge your real estate success!

Attend Risk-Free with My Unbeatable Guarantee

To ensure you have absolutely no reason to miss this event, I’m offering my personal:

“100% Money Back, Attend the First Day, Keep the Bonuses, No Questions Asked Guarantee!”

I only want raving fans as customers, so I’ve designed a foolproof, risk-free guarantee that most people might think is crazy.  But my priority is to make this decision as simple and easy for you as possible.

Here’s how it works:

Attend the training, and if by the end of the first day, you haven’t learned at least 10 ways to cover the cost of the event, simply speak to one of my staff and they’ll give you a full refund. 

And as a token of my appreciation, you can keep the bonuses and I’ll even give you $50 to change your flight! My ultimate goal is to help you change your life and achieve unparalleled success.  Your satisfaction and growth are what truly matter to me. 

So go ahead and seize this incredible opportunity with complete confidence, knowing that there’s absolutely no risk involved!


Unlock Incredible Returns with Unbeatable Real Estate Strategies and Make the SMART Investment in Your Future Today!

  • Skyrocket Your Real Estate Profits
  • Secure Your Spot and Reap the Rewards of Top-Notch Expertise
  • Experience Unmatched Financial Growth
  • Invest in Life-Changing Training for Lasting Real Estate Success


Time to Make a Game-Changing Decision!

You might be wondering, “Can I really afford to attend this with Lou?” 

You almost reallt can’t afford not to as a property owner or real estate investor!

Consider the potential returns on this investment. 

Imagine you have a vacant house that’s costing you $1,600 a month to hold. 

After two months, you’re $4,800 in the hole. 

Now, think about learning just one strategy that helps you sell or occupy a property faster, saving you thousands of dollars. 

Wouldn’t that alone make the investment worthwhile?

At the Massive Passive Income event, you’ll gain far more than just one strategy. In fact, 


I guarantee that by the end of the first day, you’ll have at least 10 times the value of your investment in actionable knowledge. 


This life-changing training will provide you with cutting-edge techniques and decades of proven experience, setting you on a path to real estate success.

While there may be other, cheaper events out there, remember that quality matters. Many of these “gurus” have learned from me(!), and don’t have access to my latest innovations. Don’t settle for 2nd best when you can learn directly from the source!

Investing in this training is about more than just the cost. It’s about making a life-changing decision that sets you up for long-term success. 

With the average profit from implementing my strategies sitting around $35,000 per deal, even if you achieve just half of that on one deal, the return on your investment will be many times over.

Don’t let the cost deter you from transforming your real estate business.

Secure your spot at my Massive Passive Income annual event now, Start planting the seeds for a bountiful harvest, this year, and every year going forward! Remember, the investment in your education is irrelevant when the potential returns are this massive when you own income property.

Make the “street” SMART choice, and invest in this for yourself, and those you love!


Decide Now to Take Action Today and Transform Your Real Estate Business

Seize this and unlock the door to massive passive income in just 4 days.

Unleash your landlord profit potential and secure both your seat and path to greater success now. 

Transform your real estate journey and speed up your wealth growth plan by reserving your seat today.


Well, do you want to come? I’ve presented you with the most compelling reasons to attend this event

At this point, you either see the value or you don’t. 

My life will continue unchanged, regardless of your decision. But will yours?

I’ll repeat… this choice can be life-changing – a pivotal moment that alters the trajectory of your future. 

Are you ready to create streams of massive passive income with my 25 secret profit centers and complete Anti-Landlording system? 

The investment to attend pales in comparison to the wealth-building secrets you’ll learn.

If you’re prepared to transform your current situation, click the link below, complete the order form.

There’s absolutely no risk.

You have nothing to lose.

Upon completing the MPI workshop, you’ll have a solid wealth plan in place. 

You’ll know when to sell houses for cash and when to offer owner financing. Imagine showing your buyers the tax savings they’d enjoy by securing a new loan or borrowing from you with owner financing… while revealing how many deductions they can claim, boosting their take-home pay.

Wouldn’t that be a powerful tool to propel your portfolio profits? 

And remember, I’m giving you my exclusive, completely updated autofill paperwork software worth more than the ticket price alone when you attend. Yet another incredible Street Smart tool from yours truly!

Complete the registration form online or call now 1-800-578-8580

I’d love to see you in Atlanta!

To your success,

Louis “Lou” Brown

P.S. Need financial assistance securing your seats? We may be able to help with that. But the time window for options is now very short. Just call my office now and we’ll do what we can to help you attend this once-per-year meeting on May 16-19 in Atlanta!


Update for 2024!

We added more benefits to the enrollment package! Here’s what you get…

Massive Passive Income ticket
valued at $3,995
Good for a reserved seat at the 4-day boot camp in Atlanta, May 16-19, 2024.
1) Comprehensive training on attracting high-paying tenants and buyers, boosting cash flow, maximizing profits, avoiding pitfalls, and implementing proven wealth strategies,
2) “Million-dollar” networking with the amazing group of like-minded investors this event attracts,
3) The latest updates, newest innovations, and cutting-edge strategies from Lou’s constant pulse on the market and ongoing collaboration with insiders.

The Anti-Landlording Manual
valued at $995
An up-to-date boot camp workbook and system manual with paperwork, contracts, and powerful software to make implementing all the strategies you learn a breeze.

101 Street Smart ® Ways to Make $500 More on Any Transaction

valued at $995
Over 101 profit centers to instantly boost profits on any deal. Implement these strategies to quickly and easily cover your investment to attend this event.

Bonus #2
Street Smart® Automated Excel Calculators

valued at $5,000
Say goodbye to manual calculations as these cool tools handle everything from property appreciation, rent prorations, 1031 exchanges, and more. Plus, you get newly updated auto-fill forms for rental properties, lease options, and owner financing agreements.

Bonus #3
Street Smart® Investor Briefcase

valued at $3,000
This exclusive collection of auto-fill forms includes the most essential real estate investor documents, handpicked by me, to ensure you’re always prepared in the field.

Bonus #4
Find the Form Fast Master Directory

valued at $995
Access all my forms and locate the one you need easily with this convenient master directory, ready to use with just a click!

Bonus #5
Alumni Repeat Certificate
valued at over $2,500
Allows you to repeat Massive Passive Income for just $500 next year, and the next! That’s right, you’ll never pay the full price to repeat this life-changing training, even though it is completely updated and new tools are introduced each time!

Income Specialist Certification!
Upon successful completion of your 4-day training, you’re going to graduate as a Certified Income Specialist with a special certificate suitable for framing. Build credibility by putting a copy in your presentation kit to show sellers, buyers, and lenders who you are and what you do when out in the field!

Exclusive Series of Follow-Up Sessions!
After you get back home, you’ll participate in a series of Quick Action Implementation calls with Lou. This extended support aims to ensure you maximize income from both your current properties and all the ones you purchase in the future.

60 Days of AI Marketing Coaching and Training!

Exclusive MPI attendee gift – valued at $990
Discover the newest opportunities for using free artificial intelligence tools and strategies to find more deals, occupy houses faster, and boost your profits. You’ll be able to attend two virtual AI productivity and marketing workshops… and 8 weeks of cutting-edge AI marketing breakthrough coaching. Learn precisely how to start using ChatGPT and other remarkable free AI tools from “Street Smart Investor alumni and marketing pro” Richard Roop!