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Free AI Marketing & Automation Tools and Strategies to Supercharge Your Real Estate Business!

How to find more deals, occupy houses faster, and boost your profits using mind blowing artificial intelligence tools and strategies with 60 days of FREE weekly coaching!

June 2023 Massive Passive Income Boot Camp Update!

You’re going to graduate as a Certified Income Specialist as a result of your 4-day training attending Massive Passive Income that starts June 8th. After it ends on June 11th, you’ll then participate in a series of Quick Action Implementation calls. This bonus is to ensure you experience the fastest income increases on every property you own using the strategies, paperwork, manual, and software you’ll receive.

Now, I thought I couldn’t make it any easier for you to quickly apply everything from the workshop. But WOW! The explosion of opportunities for using AI in your real estate business has changed that! And I have great news for you…

On June 17, the Saturday following the event, Richard Roop will be presenting a virtual workshop on how to start using free ChatGPT and other incredible AI tools to “growth hack” your real estate business. What you learn will save you an unbelievable amount of time, money, and effort… streamlining your work and accelerating profit growth.

And you get a FREE ticket to “How to Do Anything From Anywhere All at Once using AI” with your Massive Passive Income enrollment! And that’s not all… After the AI strategies workshop, Richard and I will host a bonus Q&A Zoom meeting exclusively for you, and all the other attendees you’ll meet during the MPI event!

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, how would you like to get 60 days of group AI marketing coaching with Richard Roop with weekly calls and ticket to his 2nd mind-blowing virtual workshop in July? You’ll receive this EXTRA bonus when you get yourself enrolled by May 31st!

Who is Richard Roop? He is one of my students from the ’90s who became known as “The Marketing Consultant for Real Estate Entrepreneurs.” He has bought and managed over 500 houses using the type of paperwork, tools and strategies I’ll be teaching you. So he knows how we maximize income and build wealth using the 7 Step Wealth System, the Anti-Landlording method, and the 25 hidden profit centers. Who better to teach you what’s now possible with AI for achieving your cash flow, profit, wealth, and retirement plans?

And since Richard’s AI coaching program launches on June 1st and is normally $495 a month, this NEW bonus is valued at $990! Do you want to join us?

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New Virtual Live Stream Option and Pay Plan Options

Do you want to systematically drive 5-figures of extra spendable “free cash flow” profits to your bottom line while simplifying your real estate business and attracting the exceptionally qualified tenants, buyers, and sellers you actually love dealing with?

Escape The Headache of Holding Income Property: Discover The Anti-Landlording System

Attend this year’s Massive Passive Income event!

Super exciting times! Hope you can join us.

New Virtual Live Stream Option and Pay Plan Options