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Webclass Live Encore April 16th!

“The Secrets to Stress-Free Real Estate Profits”

If you missed my webclass on April 11th, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! The Street Smart team is hosting a special encore presentation on April 16th at 4:00 PM Pacific (7:00 PM Eastern).

By the way, on the call, Kevin reported how he received $22k in additional passive income by using only a handful of the “25 hidden profit centers” he learned attending Massive Passive Income years ago. He then showcased how it has now grown annually… now up to $209k as of last year!

This is your chance to learn my proven strategies and insider tips for creating a thriving real estate business that maximizes your profits while minimizing the risks and headaches.

In this session for my A-players, you’ll learn how you can:

  • Add $2,000-$3,000 annually to every property you own or buy
  • Implement battle-tested strategies to occupy and sell for top dollar
  • Save time and money while boosting your cash flow
  • Avoid common challenges and risks of property ownership
  • Create reliable new income streams that reduce financial stress!
  • Experience a more fulfilling and profitable role as a landlord

Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to overcome your fears, take control of your investments, and accelerate your long-term wealth plan. Ask your burning questions during the live Q&A!

Learn from my decades of experience and take your real estate investing to the next level of uncommon profitability.

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Free Webclass April 11th!

Discover the Secrets to
Stress-Free Real Estate Profits

On Thursday night, I’m hosting a virtual meeting with a small group of my A-players to discuss the biggest challenges we all face when managing or selling properties, plus how to navigate the struggles many landlords will encounter before and after this year’s election.

Of course, with every problem, there are huge opportunities. And over the last 40 years, I have not only developed uncommon strategies to sidestep landlording headaches but have also perfected my Anti-Landlording method. This proprietary approach to accumulating dozens or hundreds of properties can significantly boost your passive income on each one, accelerate your equity growth, and surely inspire you to pursue more deals!

I’d love to share these secrets with you. I’m making myself available to address any questions you and my other A-players bring up during this virtual gathering of serious real estate investors.

So please, join me on Thursday night, April 11th at 7:00 PM Eastern for up to 90 minutes! A lot of what you’ll want to know is revealed in my “Secrets to Stress-Free Real Estate Profits” presentation. There will be plenty of interaction and Q&A along the way. Click the button now to get the Zoom invite!

Register Free for Encore!

Traditionally I host a free session like this when I’m preparing for my annual Massive Passive Income bootcamp. This year MPI starts on May 16th in Atlanta. Put it on your schedule now if you think you might want to attend this incredible, game-changing event.

Watch this before Thursday!

In this short video, discover…

  • How to Multiply the Residual Benefits of Owning Rentals
  • The Science Behind the Anti-Landlording Method
  • The 7 Steps to Building Accelerated Wealth
  • Using Hidden Profit Centers to Boost Passive Income
  • How to Reinvent Your Love-Hate Relationship with Tenants

Make “Real Estate” Your Income and Wealth-Building Vehicle, Instead of a Headache-Generating Chore!

Real estate is undoubtedly one of the best and most powerful ways to build wealth. But typical rental management is usually plagued with problems. The constant headaches of dealing with toilets, trash, and tenants can be exhausting. But what if you could flip the script, and have all the benefits of owning dozens or hundreds of residential properties, without the typical tenant-landlord troubles?

Lou Brown: The Anti-Landlording Pioneer!

Lou Brown, a best-selling author and a seasoned real estate investor, has bought, held, and sold real estate for over 40 years. From his very first rental property, he noticed that conventional property management is riddled with challenges. With a dream to own a hassle-free residential property business, Lou challenged every preconceived notion about owning rental property and revolutionized the way property management works. Lou’s unique system and anti-landlording approach has been used on hundreds of properties with thousands of residents, and he has used it to evolve his rental property business from a full-time nightmare to a lucrative part-time hobby.

Discover a Wealth Building Plan That Works

Lou’s approach isn’t just about avoiding the downsides of traditional landlording. It’s about maximizing profits and building a system that sets you up for success. His seven-part wealth building plan is designed to help you:

  • Create a lot more income to get out of your day job
  • Use tax benefits to massively and legally reduce taxes
  • Be the bank and avoid losing renters and occupants
  • Build “retirement accelerators” for long-term wealth
  • Pay down mortgages to get your properites free and clear faster
  • Use his hidden profit centers to accelerate passive income growth
  • Have a reliable built-in exit strategy to avoid traps and win on each deal

Unbelievable Results

One of Lou’s licensees, using just a handful of the 25 hidden profit centers, made an extra $97,000 in passive revenue in just one year. Another licensee, a mother of five, had passive returns over $40,000 in just one quarter. Lou’s students are testament to the power of his anti-landlording method. Imagine a life where you have a steady stream of residual monthly income without the stress of landlording. This isn’t a fantasy, it’s reality for those who follow Lou’s proven system.

Transform Your Property Management with “Massive Passive Income”

Lou only offers his transformative Massive Passive Income boot camp once a year. This four-day workshop is designed to revolutionize how you approach residential real estate. You’ll learn from case studies, receive all the paperwork, and achieve total clarity on how to transform your property management approach. And the best part is – you’re protected by Lou’s no-nonsense guarantee. Attend the event risk-free and if you honestly don’t see the potential for high return on investment, you’ll be refunded every penny.

Now is The Time to Take Action

Don’t miss out on changing your life for the better. Follow Lou’s lead and become part of the group of investors who have discovered a new, profitable, and stress-free way to manage loads of rental properties. Get yourself registered by clicking the button below or by calling our office below.

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Don’t lose a whole year without knowing Lou’s secrets for creating Massive Passive Income. If you’ve started your exciting journey to buy houses, or you own houses now, waiting could cost you a fortune.

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Inspiring video

4 day boot camp starts May 16th

Escape to this year’s event in Atlanta!

“Massive Passive Income”

Do you want to systematically drive 5-figures of spendable “free cash flow” profits to your bottom line, while simplifying your business, and attracting the quality tenants, buyers, and sellers you love?

Get ready to join me at this year’s Massive Passive Income live training and networking event in Atlanta. This exclusive 4-day program will teach you my patented and foolproof systems for screening tenants and buyers, maximizing your cash flow, and selling properties faster and more profitably than ever before.

Even more important, this once a year event is uniquely qualified to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively survive and thrive during any economic environment… especially today’s.

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