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FAQ – How it Works

How is the winner chosen?

The winner is selected via a random drawing on May 31st.

What is the contest question, and where can I find the answer?

The contest question is related to a dollar figure that is mentioned in the video posted on the Updates Live page on May 22. Watch the 9-min video or read the trnascript to discover the answer. Contest Question: “How much did the mother of five report generating in passive returns over a 90 day period?”

How will I be notified if I win?

If you’re selected as the winner, we’ll contact you by call, email, and text. You must respond within 24 hours with answer to contest question to claim your prize.

What happens if I don't respond within 24 hours after being notified of winning?

If we don’t receive a response from you within 24 hours, the prize will be given to a runner-up, since event is just around the corner!

How do I enter the contest?

You were automatically entered into the contest when you clicked “YES” in the contest email invite!

What is the Grand Prize?

The Grand Prize is a boot camp package valued at $15,000, including a free ticket to the Massive Passive Income workshop, reimbursement of your travel and hotel costs up to $1,000, and other valuable resources and benefits. Full package details can be found further down this page!

What is the benefit of enrolling in Massive Passive Income before the winner is chosen?

If you enroll in Massive Passive Income before the winner is chosen and you win the Grand Prize, we’ll refund 100% of your enrollment fee PLUS give you an extra $1,000 cash reward.

What happens if I enroll in Massive Passive Income now and then win the contest?

If you enroll in Massive Passive Income and then win the contest, we’ll refund you 100% of what you paid to enroll plus give you an extra $1,000 cash prize!

Can I enter the contest if I haven't enrolled in Massive Passive Income?

Yes, entry into the contest does not require enrollment into the boot camp.

What are the details of the Massive Passive Income workshop?

The Massive Passive Income workshop is a four-day event held in Atlanta from June 8-11, 2023. It covers comprehensive training on Lou’s Brown’s real estate investing best practices for success, networking opportunities, and the latest updates and strategies to thrive. Visit event page for more.

Contest Rules

  1. You must respond within 24 hours of being notified of your win to claim your prize.
  2. You must provide the correct answer to the Contest Question if you’re selected as the winner.
  3. If you win and have already enrolled in Massive Passive Income, your enrollment fee will be refunded, and you’ll receive an additional $1,000 cash prize.
  4. The reimbursement of travel and hotel costs for attending the workshop is limited to $1,000. You’ll need to submit an expense report to claim this reimbursement.
  5. This contest is by invitation. Please keep this Contest Live web page confidential.

The Grand Prize Package!

Massive Passive Income ticket
valued at $3,995
Good for a reserved seat at the 4-day boot camp in Atlanta, June 8-11, 2023.
Includes: 1) Comprehensive training on attracting high-paying tenants and buyers, boosting cash flow, maximizing profits, avoiding pitfalls, and implementing proven wealth strategies, 2) “Million-dollar” networking with the amazing group of like-minded investors this event attracts, 3) The latest updates, newest innovations, and cutting-edge strategies from Lou’s constant pulse on the market and ongoing collaboration with insiders.

The Anti-Landlording Manual
valued at $995
An up-to-date boot camp workbook and system manual with paperwork, contracts, and powerful software to make implementing all the strategies you learn a breeze.

101 Street Smart ® Ways to Make $500 More on Any Transaction
valued at $995
Over 101 profit centers to instantly boost profits on any deal. Implement these strategies to quickly and easily cover your investment to attend this event.

Street Smart® Automated Excel Calculators
valued at $5,000
Say goodbye to manual calculations as these cool tools handle everything from property appreciation, rent prorations, 1031 exchanges, and more. Plus, you get newly updated auto-fill forms for rental properties, lease options, and owner financing agreements.

Street Smart® Investor Briefcase
valued at $3,000
This exclusive collection of auto-fill forms includes the most essential real estate investor documents, handpicked by me, to ensure you’re always prepared in the field.

Find the Form Fast Master Directory CD
valued at $995
Access all my forms and locate the one you need easily with this convenient master directory, ready to use with just a click!

Alumni Repeat Certificate
valued at over $2,500
Allows you to repeat Massive Passive Income for just $500 next year, and the next! That’s right, you’ll never pay the full price to repeat this life-changing training, even though it is completely updated and new tools are introduced each time!

Hotel and Travel Reimbursement
valued up to $1,000
Submit your travel and hotel expenses report after attending the event to be reimbursed up to $1,000!

Income Specialist Certification!
Upon successful completion of your 4-day training, you’re going to graduate as a Certified Income Specialist with a special certificate suitable for framing. Build credibility by putting a copy in your presentation kit to show sellers, buyers, and lenders who you are and what you do when out in the field!

Bonus Series of Follow Up Sessions!
After you get back home, you’ll participate in a series of Quick Action Implementation calls. This extended support aims to ensure you maximize income from both your current properties and all the ones you purchase in the future.

60 Days of AI Marketing Coaching and Training!
Exclusive MPI attendee gift valued at $990
Discover the newest opportunities for using free artificial intelligence tools and strategies to find more deals, occupy houses faster, and boost your profits. You’ll be able to attend two virtual AI productivity and marketing workshops… and 8 weeks of cutting-edge AI marketing breakthrough coaching. Learn precisely how to start using free ChatGPT and other remarkable free AI tools from Street Smart Investor alumni and marketing pro Richard Roop!

And that’s not all…
This package includes all bonuses and benefits included this year with a paid Massive Passive Income enrollment, including newly updated Street Smart® software including my powerful Value Confirmation tool!

Find answer to the Contest Question!

In the video posted on May 22 to the Updates Live page, you’ll hear about a mother of five who generated over $________ in passive returns over just 90 days. Be sure to have that dollar figure answer ready if you’re selected as the winner.

Your $1,000 Reason to Enroll Before Winner is Chosen!

Consider enrolling in Massive Passive Income now, today, or right away, because… if you win the grand prize we’ll FIRST refund 100% of what you paid to enroll PLUS give you an extra $1,000 bonus cash prize as a special reward for signing up DURING the contest window! That means if you KNOW you already want to attend, enroll now before the May 31st drawing!

Enroll Before Winner Announced to Qualify for Extra $1,000 Cash Reward if You Win the Contest

The secret answer to contest question can be found in video below. Click image to watch from Updates Live page.

“What is the best way to make money with real estate?”

Raw video transcript

What is the best way to make money with real estate?
Most folks will tell you it’s by owning rental properties.
On the surface, it seems like a surefire bet.
Rental property is an asset that produces cash flow for you month after month, year after year.
But I’m here to tell you that, in most cases, rentals become more of a headache than they’re worth.
If you already own rental property, you know that toilets, trash, and tenants are no picnic.
Most landlords will even tell you, “Landlording sucks.”
And when I heard that one of the leading experts on real estate investing felt the same way.
I paid attention.
His name is Lou Brown, a bestselling author who’s been buying, holding, and selling real estate for over 40 years.
From the very first rental property he owned.
Lou noticed there were problems.
The more properties he acquired, the worse it got.
Issues with pets, extra people living there that weren’t on the lease, people using and selling drugs or being involved in other illegal activities, torn-up property, midnight move-outs, collections, and more.
Tenants, toilets, trash, and troubles were all he saw.
As time went by, Lou started to become very “anti landlording.”
He wanted all the benefits of owning residential property without any of the headaches.
He wanted residents in his properties.
But he didn’t want the typical tenant-landlord troubles.
He figured that the only way he could achieve this was by totally turning the traditional method of being a landlord on its head.
He dreamed of how he could have fewer collection issues, fewer government issues, fewer vacancies, fewer repairs, and more income from each property…
And a retirement plan without landlording that delivers plenty of dependable, predictable, residual income for the rest of his life.
With those questions in mind, Lou set out to literally reinvent everything he was doing as a landlord.
He took apart every aspect of property management.
He challenged every preconceived notion he had about owning rental property.
Then one day, it hit him like a bolt of lightning.
“What if I could have people in my properties who act more like owners than renters?”
Lou started trying different things with his rental agreements.
It took years of trial and error.
But finally, one day, he realized he had done it.
Lou had taken his Anti-Landlording concept and turned it into a real-life system.
Lou was very proud and excited about what he had created.
A real approach that worked so much better than landlording.
Fast forward to today.
And Lou has used his unique systems on hundreds of properties and thousands of residents.
He used to be a landlord, but not anymore.
Then he started sharing his systems with others, and they all experienced the same great results.
It’s no exaggeration to say that Lou Brown has got property management down to a science.
And get this.
Any real estate investor who follows Lou’s example will make so much more money with this Anti-Landlording method.
It’s shocking.
And the best part is you won’t have tenants…
You’ll have happy residents.
Residents that stay longer, and want to pay to stay in the properties because they see the property as being their home, not someone else’s.
In fact, they pay more than they would as renters.
On top of that, Lou’s method has built dozens of additional profit centers to serve you and your residents.
This extra income really adds up, and much of it recurs passively on a monthly basis.
Now through books, courses, workshops, conferences, and seminars, Lou has coached and introduced thousands of people worldwide to his extremely unconventional and highly profitable methods.
Many like me have joined a nationwide movement of licensed “Certified Affordable Housing Providers.”
One of Lou’s licensees was raving about how he uses profit centers at a class Lou taught just this past weekend.
This man shared how he had made an extra $97,000 this past year just from passive revenue streams.
And he’s not alone.
Another licensee, who happens to be a mother of five, shared that she had passive returns of over $40,000 in just one quarter.
Imagine what life will look like when you don’t have the headaches of landlording but do have the residual monthly income.
The key is Lou’s seven-part wealth-building plan.
Number one: create income to get out of your job.
Number two: use tax benefits to legally reduce taxes.
Number three: be the bank; don’t lose renters to buying other people’s property.
Number four: build retirement accelerators.
Number five: pay down mortgages… Free and clear is the goal.
Number six: use profit centers to accelerate passive income.
And number seven: have a built-in exit strategy and avoid the trap of no liquidation strategy.
Let’s face it, the only reason you become a landlord is for the ongoing residual benefits that can provide you and your family.
But now, with the approach Lou created, landlording is a thing of the past.
Lou’s rental property business has evolved — away from being a full-time, nightmarish experience — into somewhat of a hobby.
In fact, he only devotes a few hours per week to it.
Yet manages almost 200 residents!
If you follow Lou’s lead, you can enjoy the same incredible benefits that Lou and his students now enjoy.
And the good news is, it’s not going to take you months or years to get it.
In fact, in just four short days at Lou’s Massive Passive Income workshop, you’ll revolutionize how you approach residential real estate.
You’ll see step-by-step how it works and what to do. complete with case studies.
You’ll be presented with all of Lou’s carefully honed, refined, and tested paperwork and have total clarity on what to do.
You’ll be given the amazing Anti-Landlording manual loaded with Lou’s best stuff — all the forms and the secrets that will uniquely convert your landlording business into you becoming an affordable housing provider.
The best part is… all the documents are given to you on a disk, and they are all autofill!
That means you fill out a few items, and your entire rental or sales package is customized for your next signing ceremony.
If you want to upgrade your income, your image, your business, your offering, and your sanity, then this training is for you.
Lou invented these methods…
So they are not taught or offered by anyone else, anywhere.
However, Lou only offers his Massive Passive Income training event once a year, and people are often registered six months or more in advance.
But right now, Lou has reopened registration for this training.
And if you call now and say you saw this video, you will receive a special discount and some free gifts worth thousands of dollars.
Look, if you’ve struggled with renting, tenants, trash, toilets, or any of the issues I’ve mentioned, don’t you owe it to yourself to find out how to do this the right way?
A better way?
Of course you do!
And to make this decision easy for you.
Lou has removed any and all of the risks of attending.
You’re protected by his powerful “No Nonsense Guarantee,” which will make this impossible for you to refuse.
Here it is…
Attend Lou’s “Massive Passive Income” training…
And if, after the first day alone, you aren’t convinced this training will give you the biggest real return on investment you’ve ever imagined, then simply turn in your training materials, and his team will refund your money.
In fact, Lou’s even gone a step further.
He’s so confident that you’re going to be thrilled with what you learn that he’s extending the guarantee for all four days.
That’s right, you can “attend the entire event risk-free.”
When it’s over, if you honestly don’t see how easy it will be for you to go home and make 10, 20, 30, or 100 times more than the paltry tuition you invested to attend, Lou will still refund every penny.
You simply can’t lose unless you do nothing.
So now is the time to take action.
Don’t wait another year and miss out on changing your life for the better.
Those of us like me who have adopted Lou’s methods have become raving fans.
And you deserve to be counted among this great group of folks.
Come join me and the hundreds of others who have followed Lou’s lead.
It’s time to change your approach to rental properties.
It’s time to achieve a true level of financial stability, peace of mind, and create additional passive revenue streams for decades.
If you’re ready to trade the hassles and headaches of being a landlord for the peace and profits of using Lou Brown’s Anti Landlord system, then here’s what to do now:
Get yourself registered by clicking the button on this page or by calling the number listed below.
Do it now.
And hey, maybe I’ll see you at Massive Passive Income.
Thanks for watching…
And as Lou would say, “Yeah baby!”
Click or call now and join those of us who have discovered a whole new way of profiting from our real estate business.

Do you want to systematically drive 5-figures of extra spendable “free cash flow” profits to your bottom line while simplifying your real estate business and attracting the exceptionally qualified tenants, buyers, and sellers you actually love dealing with?

Escape The Headache of Holding Income Property: Discover The Anti-Landlording System

And escape to Atlanta for the June 8-11, 2023 workshop!

Be sure to enroll ASAP if you want to come!

Call 1-800-578-8580 if you need anything.

Good luck!

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